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One of the first questions that people ask me is, “So how did you get involved with this?” Although it is a small niche in this great world, it is one with a growing voice. My journey began in 2004 when I was attending the University of Miami getting my Master’s Degree. It was required that I take a Sexology class where my professor, Dr. Marilyn Volker, had a Transgender Panel. Here I met Jessica Lam.

Jessica told me of her journey, her feelings as a child, getting married, fathering two children, and then her decision to transition from male to female. I was fascinated. I had never met anyone like her. She had such conviction in her voice, her decision was so clear, and above all, she was so courageous. I knew with this friendship, I had to get to know and help others that had similar experiences.

For almost a decade, I have attended various Transgender workshops, seminars, conferences and medical symposiums to educate myself. As of October 2013 I became a Florida board Certified Transgender Care Therapist. I have worked with a variety of people who fit under the Transgender umbrella, helping some to further their journey through Hormone Replacement Therapy and Sexual Reassignment Surgery. I also hosted a Transgender Workshop in 2012 in Fort Myers, FL to further educate people in my area about with it means to be Transgender.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this population and hope only to continue to be of service to these courageous individuals. I provide therapy for individuals, couples and families, along with sensitivity training for a variety of companies and corporations.

This topic is one that is often confused and met with ignorance. My goal is to help, educate and serve. If I sound like someone you need, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please meet my good friend Jessica Lam

Do you know who Jazz is?

She is changing how the world thinks and helping girls across the country play soccer. Please see her interview on Barbara Walters provided here: